Mar 30, 2014

Slowly but surely

I had to put postgal on hold for a while because I was working on a test for a company I wanted to work for. I finished working on the test and I'm back to working on postgal and things are going so slow. I started off trying to work on 5 thumbnails at a time and that wasn't working. So my new plan is to just take things one page at a time. I think by doing this I can take my time and not rush things. And by not rushing things I can make less mistakes. I really want this project to come out well and look professional.

Here are some sketches of postgal. I haven't come up with a name for her yet. I was thinking of naming her Gabby but I don't know if I'll stick to that. But I wanted to draw her more. When I first started on the this project I was having problems drawing her and making her look like she did in the collage I did. But I'm glad these came out decent. I hope to make some progress soon and start posting some works in progress here.

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