Mar 14, 2013

More Packaging

I got to do another packaging project. Packaging is one of my favorite things. I decided to do some packaging for jam because I thought it would be a good fit for my style. I did two because I thought doing one would be too easy and wouldn't be enough for a 2 week project.
Here are the proposed jam labels for Smucker's. I did one for strawberry jam and concord grape jam. Overall I think they look pretty good. The strawberry jam label is my favorite because I love drawing strawberries and red is my favorite color. If I would do anything different I would do the type in the banner by hand. I couldn't make the text wrap along the banner for anything in the world. So next time I would do the type by hand. I need to practice hand type anyway.
Here's a picture of the final 3 dimensional product. In the future I would like to take better pictures of my products. Photography isn't my thing. But I enjoyed working on this project and I would like to do more packaging projects in the future.