Mar 13, 2013

Store Signage

This post is late. I wasn't going to post it but I decided to go ahead. This project was for store signage which is art that you see in stores. I was really interested in chalkboard signage. I was thinking of doing the signage for Whole Foods or Fresh Market since I know they use a lot of chalkboard signage in their stores, specifically something for the bakery section since I like baked goods.
I did two. I like the first one better since the image is bigger. I wish i would have made the image on the 2nd one bigger or used the space in the composition a lot better. I used chalkboard spray on matte board to create my own chalk board. Then I used chalk markers on the homemade chalkboard. They were erasable like regular chalk, except they came off with water. I had to start over a few times before I started making something that worked for me. 

My friend recently showed me this bakery (that makes the best oatmeal cookies ever!!!) and we both really want to do store signage for them. They don't really have a lot of art work in the store area and it would be nice if they did. I noticed that had little chalkboards and I would love to do work on them. So today when we visited the bakery we got their business card and I think I'll be contacting them in the future. 

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