Jan 27, 2013

drawings from moleskine 1

I just wanted to show some of the stuff I've been working on in my moleskine. I'm suppose to be working in it more.
I was suppose to draw this for my friend Josh a long time ago lol. Such a simple thing I kept putting off. But it's done. I hope he likes it. I always tell him to get into his Josh burrito and go to sleep when we chat.
This is a character created by mizna wada. I think she's a cute character and I enjoy drawing her. I believe she's in a comic made by mizna? I wish I could find more work with her in it, like some comics or something.
This is a sketch of the first page of a zine I'm making called 9lives. It's about a cat girl who loses 1 of her lives by doing silly or bad things. I'm taking my time on this project because I really want it to come out good. I hope I can get done with this project before the end of the quarter.

I would like to continue to post things from my moleskine. I'm suppose to work in it at least an hour a day. I'll try to update my blog with drawings from my moleskine every sunday. It sounds like a good checkpoint.

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