Jan 28, 2013

Jail girl

Here's more stuff from my moleskine. I wanted to make a post just about jail girl since I have lots of plans for her. She's going to be the main character in a game I want to work on with a friend. So I hope that actually happens.
 I'm suppose to be working on concept art and fleshing out the story more. I want to use my moleskine to develop her more. The other plan I have for her is to make my own art book featuring her. Just a small book with illustrations and maybe some comics. I'll probably also included concept art from my moleskin in the art book. Just depends on what I think people would want to see or how it will look once I layout the pages of the book. But I do know i want the illustrations and comics in the art book to just be done in pink and yellow. Those are just jail girl's colors.
Here's an example of a comic that would be in the art book. The ball and chain on the left was me playing with a potential logo for the series. I'm glad I have more than one plan for this because if the game doesn't get made I'll at least have the art book. And the art book is definitely something that would be in my control. The game is suppose to be something short and simple so I'm really hoping it actually gets made, like a demo of some sort.

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