Jan 17, 2013

Closure to 2012

I have been really inactive on this blog but I hope to change that. I wanted to post some of the projects I did in fall quarter 2012 that I should have posted in December. I just became a sloth in December. The first project I want to share with you all is my packaging assignment. We had to find something at Hmart to rebranding. I chose these peanut cookies, they were a Korean brand.
I decided to use the monkey from my "monkey shenanigans" book for the mascot of the rebranded peanut cookies. Here's the illustration on the very front of the box. I'm proud of the "peanut biscuits" type I did. 
Here is another side of the box. Overall I think I did a decent job. I still need to study more packaging so I can get better. I did this in photoshop. Had to do a lot of scanning because I drew most of the elements including the type in my sketchbook.
Another project we had to do was to design some nesting dolls. I called them "The Jolly Roger Nesting Doll Set". This was actually our first project of the quarter. I'm glad I was able to work in my style. I had to do my own munny dolls and I felt like I couldn't do them the way I wanted to because I wasn't able to work in my style, which is basically cute and simple. I used fluid acrylic and color pencil.

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