Jan 24, 2013

Children's book pitch

For my first assignment in my portfolio class I decided to do a children's book pitch for blue apple books. after critique I felt like I have a while to go before I actually make really good children's book illustration. Nothing really bad was said about my work, but I just personally feel I need to work on it some more before actually pitching something. I still plan to put it in my portfolio though because I do like the illustrations.
 This was my cover and it still needs some work. I wanted the "ABC's" text to go into the magnifying glass (which is why I drew it so big) area but I couldn't get it to look right. I also rushed the whole thing. I mean i like the drawing, I just wish it would have worked out the way I wanted it to. The basic idea was that I wanted to have the "ABC's" text in the magnifying glass but also have the girl included in the cover illustration. Still have to work on it though.

I felt like the area on the lower left was too empty. And I was surprised that no one said anything about it. 
This was my favorite page. I just really like the trees. and over all composition. I had some little green leaves in the right tree but took them out to put the text in. 
Um not much to say about this one. I think it's ok. You may have noticed that it was kind of difficult to see the letters, like the "A", "F", and "M", in the illustration itself. My professor told me I should put the letters on something, like the A on a book, or F in a flower. I really like that idea and I will do it whenever I get to redo these pages. Because I really like this idea and I really want to pitch it. I just need to do better.  And another thing I need to work on is leaving a bleed space.

I feel like I need to do more research, like actually look at more children's books. I wish I had transportation to a bookstore or library. But I guess I should just look at the children's books that are available in the school's library, it's better than nothing. 

This was a maze I did at the beginning of my children's book class last quarter. I really liked it. I like doing maze illustrations (even if coming up with the maze is kind of difficult). I would love to do more children activities for children's magazines and activity books. I do want to pitch this to some children's magazines in future.