Sep 15, 2012

sketchbook bsns

i think keeping a sketchbook is serious business. and i really love doing it. it's like keeping a record of growth and experimentation. and sometimes it's nice to look back on what you sketched in the past. so i'm just going to share some pages from my sketchbook.
some random mess. i don't know what's going on. i just draw random things that make no sense sometimes i guess. i also like drawing food. that donut came out nice though.
mizna wada is one of my favorite artists. i've been looking at her work a lot lately. it's cute but also has a dark touch to it. something i want to experiment with in the future.
i love cassie mccarthy's psychic cats with their crystals. i tried to draw one myself. but i hate how my crystal came out. and i don't know why i drew those ghosties. i think i did it to fill up the page, or i was looking at something with ghosts.
on the left page is a tatami galaxy sketch and below it is something from pucca. u w u i really like how cute and simple the art is in that show. on the right page is some sketches of a character for a book i'm working on. it's going to be called 9 lives. and it's about a silly little cat girl that keeps losing one of her 9 lives through stupid things she does.

well that's all the sketches i have for you right now. at least the ones i want to share. i'll try to post more sketches and drawings from my sketchbook in the future. thanks for reading.


  1. looking at these just makes me so very happy.
    You are amazing baby, keep up the excellent work! <3

    1. i'm glad they made you happy. i felt like i should have posted more. i hope in the future i can post more sketches. and thank you so much!