Jun 5, 2012

tarot cards

the quarter is over and now i can rest...for a while. i plan on doing a lot of personal art projects this summer since i know i won't be able to do as much while i'm in school.

our last project for electronic illustration was to make 3 tarot cards (2 from major arcana and 1 from minor arcana) and we could also do a card back illustration for extra credit. i really wanted to overachieve on this project so i did the 3 cards and a back illustration. i chose the sun and the fool from the major arcana and page of cups from the minor arcana.

this one is my favorite. for all my cards i took the imagery from the original cards and translated them into my style. so it was based on this.
based on this card. but i also did the card based on the phrase "mystical cleverness". i wish i would have put the dog next to him. like in my thumbnails there was a dog sitting next to him. but for some reason i forgot to put it into the tight sketch. and i just never drew him back in. i also need to move the stars on left, the ones that are too close to the border, over some.
i didn't start off liking this one, because i couldn't get the boy to look right on the card. like i basically had to enlarge him and move him more over to the left. that way the fish could fit in too. i also didn't know what to put at the top of the card...so i just threw in some random clouds. but it's based on this. in the original card i like how the guy goes in to drink but the fish pops out. like i thought that was funny so i decided to play with this and put in my own humor. i wanted to have the boy run on the beach holding the cup with the fish flying out of the cup. well i thought it was funny, it makes me happy. = w =
this is the card back illustration i did for extra credit. i wanted to make it pretty simple.

overall i am very pleased with my cards. the class and my professor liked them too. my professor even said they were "perfectly executed". when i read that in the comments i wanted to cry. and i got a perfect score (105!) on it plus the extra credit for doing the card back. my professor thinks that i should do a whole deck and use it in the self promotion class. i always wanted to do my own tarot card deck, so to hear that gave me more motivation to do more. it's one of the things i want to do over the break. there are a lot of cards in the deck so i'm just going to try to work on the major arcana over the summer.

the post was pretty wordy. but i hope you enjoyed the illustrations. thanks for reading!


  1. These look so cool! You should totally make your own deck. :D

    1. Thank you. Hopefully I can get through the major arcana cards this summer.