Mar 13, 2012

monkey shenanigans

i had to make an artwork for my indian art and architecture class. i decided to make a picture featuring monkeys.
here's the final product. i'm so proud of it. it's a 10 page perfect bound book. i did the perfect binding myself. and it just came out better than i thought it would. i'll be posting the illustrations from the book here:

since i only did 10 illustrations, i needed something to put on the back of the illustrations. so i decided to put simple patters on the back of each illustration. i only made 3 so they are repeated throughout the book.

overall i'm really happy that everything worked out. i think my professor is keeping the artworks. so i probably would have to make myself another one. but i now know i can perfect bind. i would love to make my own art book to sell and have it perfect bound. so i had fun doing this. and i'm looking forward to creating more books.

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