Feb 24, 2012

second set of collages

for our next collage project we had to do 4, 8 x 10 collages. two had to be abstract and 2 had to be illustrations. overall the whole class did better than before. like everyone improved. my professor was so pleased to see how we evolved from the first set of collages. here are mine:
here are my abstract pieces. my professor said i'm good at them. she really liked the layers. i liked these. i found them relaxing while i was working them. like i could lay back and just watch them come together on their own.
these were my two illustration ones. when it got to these two, my professor thought i was too stiff with these. and i agree. i wish i had more time to work on them. she thought i could have slanted some of the elements like i did with my abstract pieces to make them more interesting.

for our next assignment, we are doing 4 more in the same size. i really want to produce better ones. and try a different technique. i hope i get my ideas together before class so i can just get started on them so i can spend the appropriate time on each piece.

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