Feb 9, 2012

a few collage trading cards

we had to do 10 trading cards. here are my favorites.
this is the prince hare. i love my line work on him. this one is my favorite one of all. i also like the colors i used. i just love the way these colors look. i don't know why. i feel like purple is a royal color. it's also pretty cool in temperature. i also like colors that are analogous to purple.
this is my bunny girl. she has a hood, but i cut it off here. she's walking away from the castle. again i love the colors i used. 

i'll add this one in here. i wish i would have added more line work into these two. i think it would have made this one stronger. because of the three this one feels week. i don't know. maybe that's just my opinion. maybe if they had more color? like in person, they're covered with pink tissue paper, but since i edited it, you can't really see it here. but even if i could see the pink tissue paper, i still feel like i should have added more to the figures.

i used pictures of cathedrals to make the castles. like some i just cut parts of them off. some i added with another building to make a new one. and i painted over them. after my professor saw these she asked if i like cute and of course i said yes. she feels that i need to pursue this because it's marketable, but i need to figure out how to make them sophisticated. and i agree. but i'm kind of loss on how i would go about doing that. if you all have any suggestions please share them with me.

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