Mar 14, 2012

wild things collage

my last assignment in collage was to do four more 8 x 10 pieces and they had to be illustrations. i couldn't really think of anything, but i did know i wanted to do something for children's book illustration. so my professor asked what my favorite children's book was and i said "where the wild things are". so i ended up doing my last collage illustrations based on the book.
i'm only posting one of them. this one is my favorite and also the last one i did. and i was mad because i came up with this technique on my last piece. and this technique i did would have made my life easier and i wouldn't have wasted a lot of time.

the background is just torn tissue paper. the first layer being yellow. then i laid on the pink tissue paper. the pink tissue paper was suppose to act as a speech bubble. for max and the wild thing i drew them on tracing paper, inked them and then colored them in with color pencil. i went over the color pencil with turpenoid. i love this stuff, it help blends in the color pencil. i felt like i was painting without making the tracing paper too wet. after that i glued it to the surface. next i drew "i'll eat you up" on some tracing paper, went over the letters with a red marker, cut them out, and pasted them on the board. oh and i did the collage on some canson board. i really like it. it's also within my budget. e w e

over all this specific process went so quickly and i wish i would have came up with it at the beginning of the assignment. next time i would use vellum instead of tracing paper. i only used tracing paper because it's something i had. it worked pretty good though.

thanks for reading.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh ; A ; so adorable <3<3<3 -weeps- I love this so much!!