Jan 3, 2012

art work from fall quarter

i decided to show some of my school work here. just to show people that i don't always draw simple cute stuff my personal work is simple, but for school my work is different. last quarter i made work i actually like despite the fact that i wasn't really working in my style.
here is my first project of the quarter (water color and color pencil). we had to do an illustration of an endangered animal. i chose the red panda. even though when i show it to people they're like "oh that's a cute fox". and i sit there like e w a. i mean at first i was correcting them, but then it got to the point where i was like bump this. with this project i learned a way to blend color pencil with turpenoid. it's so cool. i really like using it. this was the first project where i worked with water color. when i show people my work, this tend to be their favorite.
 our next assignment was a collage illustration. we had to do the abc's of atlanta and i got "g" and "z". so my g is for grant park. i collaged pictures of leaves in the bg, did a was with fluid/liquid acrylic. and i did more collaging with printer paper (the pole thing), newspaper (the owl), and bristol (the g).
here's the second part of the assignment. z for zoo atlanta. i really didn't like how this one came out. i wished i did a color comp for this one. if i could go back, i would have just sticked with primary colors and the color green. and just picked different areas for the color to go. but my choice in color is the biggest thing that bothers me about this. but this has collaged grass in the bg covered by a wash of fluid/liquid acrylic. the z is made of bristol and some of the stripes were made of tape. the cut out of animals were made of bristol and india ink.
this was the 3nd assignment (water color and pastel). we had to do an illustration with an octopus as the main subject. i really enjoyed this project. it was perfect when it came to trying to work with my style. and i was really shocked. my professor didn't mind me working so simple. the only thing he said about my style was to add sophistication to it by working with more value. i'm always afraid of going too dark in my work, it's something i need to work on. but this is just an octopus, fried noodles, and takoyaki. a lot of people didn't know what takoyaki was. a lot of people thought it was ice cream or cupcakes...a few people knew what it was though. we talked about how  this could be for a specific audience, like people who actually eat this would know what it was. maybe not. my style is so simple...but anyway i really enjoyed working on it.
our final project was to do a conceptual portrait of an artist for rolling stone (fluid/liquid acrylic). i chose janelle monae, because her hair is really one of her most distinguishing features and i thought that people would be able to recognize her. my concept was basing the portrait on an old metropolis poster (one of my favorite movies by the way. need to get it on dvd). i wanted to stick with blue, yellow, and orange type colors. this was the reason i made her skin tone the way it is. i needed to make it lighter than the city behind her so she could pop. again my professor didn't mind my graphic, kind of simple style. i had to go through so many color comps before i chose a palette i thought was ok.

overall, fall quarter was a good quarter. i actually made art i liked and didn't mind showing people. e w e hopefully i will be able to do the same this quarter.