Dec 25, 2011

☆.*・ merry christmas .*・°☆

hello and merry christmas. i was afraid that today wouldn't feel like christmas. we don't even have a tree up or anything. don't really have the space for it. but when i heard my mom bought a spiral honey ham, my spirits were lifted. i was so happy. i mean christmas doesn't feel as magical as it did when i was little, but i still felt pretty happy today. my mom never raised me and my brother to believe in santa claus. i always knew the gifts that i got were from people who loved me = w = but as we got older the gifts decreased. but i'm still glad i have my mom (and my other family e w e). but i love my mom so much. we're so close and i'm so lucky to still have her here with me and have her be supportive in my choices and such.
one of my aunts always comes over for christmas to come and see us and give gifts. i usually make her birthday and christmas cards. i missed out on her birthday because i was lazy. so i decided to make it up to her by making her a small accordion fold artist book. it's just simple. you can kind of see where the pages fold. i procrastinated on this so much. i ended up working on it at like 2am and didn't finished until it was almost 5am. but i got it done. and i liked how it came out. i had to photomerge this since the book was longer than the scanning space, so it's not a perfect scan. but i tried. i want to do more stuff like this. i would upload pictures i took of it, but i have a poop camera that takes poop pictures so i won't be posting those. e w e

i tried on my wig today. it was a little hard for me. even after watching videos of people showing how to put the wig cap and wig on. i knew my wig was going to be long, but idk, but i got to really see how long it was when i put it on. i might get my hairdresser to cut a little off. just a little. but i like it. i just really need someone to show me how to take care of it. i hope when i get back to school a friend will show me how to take care of them. i'm just so afraid i'm going to mess it up. ; n ; and i really do like it though.

i would like to say thanks to everyone who reads this blog. i just started back posting here and i hope i can continue to post here. i want to work on my layout for the new year, so i hope i can get that done. i haven't even picked a color scheme. e A e but thanks for reading. = w =

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