Dec 9, 2011

some art and stuff.

hello. i typed the beginning of this post so many times because i didn't know how to start off the post. so i'll just start off talking about a gif i made recently. i really like it. i was up at like 12am and just started to draw. and it turned into something i really liked.
it was going to just be a drawing. but i decided to turn it into a gif. but it's for kelly. here is her website, she makes some cool art:
i made this illustration for mar. she wanted some cover art for her playlist. i wasn't able to give it to her on time. but i really wanted to do this. i think i could use it for my portfolio. e w e it took me forever to make it because i was so indecisive about the palette. i was inspired by yusuke nakamura. he does the cd covers for asian kung-fu generation and he did the character designs for tatami galaxy. i just really love his art. it's so minimal and interesting. i also love his compositions.

i found an interesting short film yesterday. i wanted to share it because i think it's really good. the creatures remind me of things from kaiba (something else that's interesting to watch).

i love short animated films. i would like to see someone come out with a good 2d animated film that could be seen in theaters. but the short above is one i found yesterday. it's really good in my opinion even though it made me sad. but it's nice if art can make you feel some kind of way.

this one i've seen several times. and i just love it.

well i think that's all for now. thanks for reading. (●⁰౪⁰●)

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  1. ahh that cover is really nice * n * <333

    I love your gifs so much, they are way adorable ; 3;