Dec 3, 2011

a few things i did in my dorm

i tried taking pictures in my dorm while i was at school fall quarter, only of myself and my rilakkuma bby. but when i go back next quarter i plan on taking more pictures. i must admit that my dorm isn't special. i don't have any sexy furniture in it or anything. but i still want to try taking nice pictures of things in there.
here's my rilakkuma bby on my bed in my dorm. he's just chillin'. he keeps be company because my roommate is always with her boyfriend at his apartment. so i'm alone in the dorm by myself. last year i had to deal with this, and i don't do well alone. i was very depressed. i hated myself and i hated being alone. i would cry so much. but i'm better now, i don't hate myself any more, but i still don't like being alone. i mean i do, but i guess there's a difference in wanting to be alone and being lonely. because i'm an introvert, so i like having time with myself, i just don't like the feeling of being lonely. but i bought myself a rilakkuma for my birthday this year, and he has kept me company in my room. he's so soft and very therapeutic.
when this was made, i didn't mean to click the video button. i wanted to take a picture. but that happened. i think that tapping noise was me doing that thing that people do with their hands when their waiting for something, that tapping thing lol...i don't know how to explain it. but i wanted to take a picture with my rilakkuma bby. my mema has a lot of cute sweaters so i asked her for some. the one i'm wearing is one of them. sorry for the crappy video quality. there's no good lighting in the room e A e and i don't have any extra lights...oh well.


  1. awww cuties ;__; *holds u*
    I'm glad you're doing better, it really sucks to feel lonely T___T HUGGGGG

  2. aww thanks! = u = i'm hoping 2012 will be a lot less lonely.