Jan 5, 2012

first days of classes

the winter quarter began on wednesday. and i was really excited to be back. i saw everyone that i wanted to see except one person. i don't know where she is...but i hope i see her soon so i can give her her gifts.
on the first day of school i wore this. i felt so cute e///w///e i only had one class on wednesday and that was materials and techniques 2. i'm kind of intimidated by the professor...i mean he's nice, but i'm still worried about how i'll do in this class. our first project for this class is to do a portrait of a music artist. i chose adele. i wish we could have started off the quarter with a different project. i didn't want to do a portrait first, i hate doing portraits. but at least we're getting the portrait project out of the way. but i like that we're using ink and watercolor for this. i like those mediums.
today i had 2 classes. the first was an art history elective called indian art and architecture. i'm really interested in the class. i just didn't like the fact that i had to have like 4 books for and i eventually have to write an 8 to 10 page essay e n e. and these professors say it like it's nothing. 8 to 10 pages is hard...well for me. i can barely write 2 pages. if this was creative writing i wouldn't be so afraid of it. but it's not. oh well. my second class was a collage class for illustration. i'm really really excited about this class. i get to make some plushies! and i might be learning needle felting! i always wanted to learn it. it will be neat to make my own plushies, it will come in handy for the holidays. oh and i did the doodle above in my collage class. eyes and crosses are one of my favorite motifs in art. i would like to incorporate them into my personal work more.

over all this first week of classes went well. i already feel like i have a lot on my plate. i'm going to need me a planner to keep things together. but even though i feel like i have a lot to do, i'm still excited for this quarter and i hope to do even better than before.

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