Nov 30, 2011

It's been a long time.

i decided to log in because i've been looking at some blogs here by people i follow on tumblr and i actually like them because they feel like a real blog. and i noticed that blogger has went through some changes and i like it. i think i'll start back posting here. i thought no one really looked at my blog but i looked at my blog stats and i do get views. i really thought no one looked here. it may be because of my adventure time posts, but views are views. if they like my adventure time post there's probably a chance they'll look at my other work. so i'm going to have more faith and start back posting here. i'll have to play catch up and post some stuff i really like from my tumblr blog.

on another note, i'm working on a personal project. i'm going to be taking nursery rhymes and fairy tales and making my own versions of them. i'm going to be writing and illustrating them. i want them to be short though, like 10 pages or less. and i want them to feel like children's book illustration. i really do love children's book illustration and i think by doing this project i can add more things to my portfolio and i can actually practice doing something i really would like to do in the future.


  1. I can't wait to see your take on the stories/fairy tales * O * you have such a cute style hehe <3

  2. oh thank you! i'm working on humpty dumpty first. i'm super excited about it. it would be nice to get some stories made and bind them in a book myself.