Apr 26, 2011

some character sketches

this is my character lydia. she's not a major character, but she's in the story somewhere. she does have arms, it's just that she's wearing a poncho dress thing. so her arms are underneath it? e w e

today i did some stream of consciousness writing of all of my story ideas. and i still can't make up a decision...and i'm debating if i want to post what i wrote on here. but i am glad that i got all my basic ideas down. i love them all...but i don't know which one i want to work on...so hard to choose. i guess i want to eventually work on them all, but i want to pick one now, so i can work on it during the summer. hopefully i'll get it together before the end of the quarter (which ends in like 5 weeks, it's going by so fast).


  1. So cute! Love her hair. I can can imagine her with a purplish color scheme.

    So you are working on a story! I say start with the simplest one and save the bigger ones for after you've had more experience. Good luck working on them Kia! I'm sure they'll be super fun. :-D

  2. yeah, she was going to have a black and or purple type of color scheme. but i keep imagining her in a monochrome type color scheme. idk = u = maybe i'll do a color test thingy eventually.

    and i kind of am. but i can't really determine if the stories i have are simple or big. ; A ; i was going to pick the one i would enjoy working on the most...but i'm too indecisive. i keep changing my mind. it's a shame that about 3 weeks have passed since i posted this and still don't know what i want to do.