Apr 4, 2010

lenny's precious little head

i tried to draw her body...but it wasn't coming out right...and i didn't know what kind of clothes to put on her. :c but i think this one looks better than the first one i did of her. i think the hair looks a lot better. in other news i'm so excited for adventure time tomorrow!!! my friend said she's making finn hats this summer ; u ; so hopefully she'll be able to make them and i'll have one lol. i think cartoon network is playing with my emotions. i have one flapjack dvd, where are the others of the other seasons? what's taking so long? but if i get a mac next year (because my current laptop has a lot of issues that are filling me with supreme disappoint) i'll ask my mom can i buy flapjack episodes from itunes. they have just about all the episodes. flapjack and adventure time are my fav cartoons at the moment. but any who expect adventure time fan art.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thank you, thank you, thank you! She looks so cute in your style~. Heh, she'd wear just about anything not frilly/showy.

    I am too! I didn't even realize till yesterday that it airs today.
    You'll have to take pictures of that, I'm sure they'll be adorable.
    On wikipedia it says it'll be released late this summer. They're probably getting loads of awesome extras together for it.

    *expecting with EXCITEMENT*

  2. i'm glad you like it! next time there will be a body!!! lol i just can't wait to get more flapjack dvds. and when adventure time come out on dvd, i'm going to cry glitter and rainbows. that show is so funny. and it fills me with happiness! *U*

    and about the extras, i love the extras on the flapjack dvd. they were so funny. i wish thurop made an art book, his preliminary sketches for flapjack are awesome. i would buy it.