Aug 19, 2010

my twitchy witchy girl

i love coraline. i love her design too. i just love blue and yellow color combinations. and i also love rain jackets and boots/galoshes! coraline is one of my fav animated films. i really want to do a graphic novel version of the movie (even though i'm going to read the book also, i just have too). maybe i'll make that my personal project next summer...and just maybe someone will view it and publish it! i think my inspiration for the project will be skottie young. i love his work. i have his oz comic book. and i love it. i love the art and everything. he's amazing. i got the quote from the movie. i just loved it when the cat said "i just can". i was going to use "wuss puss". but i found those quotes and used those, so both the characters could say something. i used some of the colors from gaz's coraline. i wish i could show you all the picture but i think she deleted the post with the picture in it. ; A ;

um, the bg is mixed. like i took a pattern i made on colourlovers and a texture from dA and fused the two. man now i want to do a traditional piece with coraline being the subject. ; A ; oh goodness me. have to think of something awesome now. i think my next oc will have a jacket like coralines c: and i'll also be using yellow in the color scheme. but i really need that dvd. omg i need it. i keep putting off buying it. i should have bought it earlier this week when i was in target. bah i'll get it. and i have to get it before i go back to school, or i'll cry.

gosh i'm like hella inspired now. i need to find a place where i could see the movie online so i can do some study drawings. O A O but anyway, i hope you all like this as much as i do. ; u ;


  1. Aw, this is adorable! I really like the way you drew her eyes and coat. And the way you drew the cat's neat too, all curvy and round (though he should probably be more scraggly).

    That'd be so cool! Though I'm sure it'd take more than a summer to do. But yeah, if you do do it will you post some of the production work on here or something? I'd really love to see it. And if it's ever published, I'd really love to buy it. :-B

    Yeah. . .I don't remember deleting it, but I guess I did since I can't find it. Sorry. :-I

    You should wait till you get the DVD so it's clearer. I mean, if it's anywhere online the quality will most likely be cruddy. And you can't do frame-by-frame online.

  2. thanks. ; u ; if i don't get to do what i wanted to do. i'll just work on a comic of my own like you do on smackjeeves. and the cat thing make sense. my main goal was to draw a cat. i'm not good at drawing animals so if i can't even draw a general cat, there's no way i can draw a scraggly one. D:

    and omg gaz. remembered the 10pg comic i have to do for intro into sequential art. well i thought of another story's actually old, but i decided to just go with it. i would like to submit a post about it later. c:

    and i hope i'll get the dvd sooner or later. and too me it's taking forever for the httyd dvd to come out. i don't know why. i mean i know i'm impatient, but gosh. it better have sexy special features. e n e even though i have the art book.

  3. Well then, I'd say you achieved your goal wonderfully.

    Please do! I'd love to hear about it! I'm sure it's wonderful. I have a few ideas floating around too, but I feel like I have no time to work on them. D-:

    Amazon! And I think that's coming out in October? I'm sure it'll have some cool interviews with the creators/staff. Those are always fun.