Mar 3, 2010


this is an old picture. but i love it so much. it's a new oc of mine. his name is penn. and i want him to be some type of explorer. i love drawing him with an hour glass. i want the hour glass to be of some type of significance...but i don't know what. i really like his design. so simple. and i love his hat * u *. i really wish i had a hat like that. i don't know why, it could be my ocd, but i like to draw a character with a bunch of things around them in the bg. most of the time it's objects having to deal with them. like the map is for travel, and that's what he wants to do. the ticket is for trains. i think trains would be the main type of transportation in the town he lives in. and a emo penguin he adopted. i did this in pchat, i was so shocked because I NEVER DO ANYTHING NICE IN PCHAT. but it was a miracle that day *happy tear* i didn't want to color this picture because i like how scratchy and sketchy it looks. c: i think i'll practice drawing him over spring break. i'll also be working on other character designs. I FINALLY HAVE A STORY I CAN STICK TO!!! i'm debating if i want penn to be a part of this story or not. because he wouldn't be the main character, i mean he could be one of the main characters, but not the main character with the most focus...if that makes any sense. i need to think of a color scheme for him. i know i want to use blue. hmm more thinking has to be done.


  1. He's soooo cute~ but I'm sure you knew that already.
    Maybe the hourglass could symbolize time running out, like Penn has to or wants to do something before a certain time? Or it's some mystical object that can freeze, rewind, or affect time in some way? I dunno, that's kind of lame isn't it. . ? FFFF.

    I love his hat too! Chullo's are the best things ever. And I'm looking forward to seeing where your ideas go, I'm sure they'll be awesome!

    Sometimes super simple designs can be the hardest to color. The best thing you can do is just color him tons of different ways then compare and choose whichever you like best. Also looking at outfits online helps.

  2. i actually thought about both those ideas before about the hourglass. i'll come to some decision. another friend thought i should look at palettes on colourlovers to color test with. so i'll look at some palettes and then color him in different ways to see what i like. c: thanks for the suggestions!