Apr 1, 2012

I got tagged! How exciting O w O

Oh my! I got tagged to do a little survey. I'll also do 11 facts about me.  So here we go!
Eleven facts about me:
  1. I'm very sensitive and moody.
  1. I love animal crossing.
  1. Bags are my weakness. I love them.
  2. I'm kind of obsessed with becoming beautiful or at least feeling good about myself.
  1. I pace A LOT.
  1. I'm self-conscious. I won't even go to the store with my mom if I feel like I don't look ok.
  1. Although I know I have friends, I feel like I have none.
  1. I'm a picky eater.
  2. I really like ramen/ramyun.
  3. I have freckles and I love them.
  4. I'm not a very patient person.

Now for the survey questions!!!
How was your high school year?
I've graduated from high school and I'm so glad. I hated high school so much. But now I'm happy at my dream collage. So far my school year has been wonderful. I learned so much. And I even became more confident in my style. I thought no one would take my cute simple art seriously. But I had professors tell me that my art is very marketable and that just made me so happy.
Which toy was your favorite as a kid?
This is a hard question. I would switch between toys like every month. I had a system. First I had to decide if I wanted my fav toy to be a big (a stuffed animal or baby doll) or little toy (something like a barbie). I have no idea. I would change so often. I do know it took me forever to stop playing with barbies though.
What's the most important thing you own?
Probably my laptop, tablet, stuff I draw with, rilakkuma, and my bags...everything I guess. I love my stuff. I feel like it's all important which is why I'm terrible at throwing stuff away.

How is a normal day of your life?
On a weekday: get up go to class, eat after class, take a nap, do hw, sleep again.
Weekend: sleep, eat brunch, sleep again, work on hw, try to draw something for myself, sleep. Sleep seems to be a big part of my day. = w =
Who's your favorite artist?
Aaaah...i have so many. The first person I can think of is my friend Kelly. Her art is visually pleasing to me. And I feel like her work has substance. I also like how she has her own visual language that she uses in her work. I was lucky enough to have some of her artwork. Justin Wallis is another. I love how his work gives me a very warm and nostalgic feeling.  Jane mai is also one of my fav artists. She just makes me laugh. I also love her comics. (from left to right: jane mai, justin wallis, and kelly kwang)

What's your favorite pair of shoes?
I don't really have a fav pair. I'm not a huge shoe person, especially since I have flat feet and I have to have support in the shoe. So my mom always want me to get specific types of shoes. Even though I don't always listen to her. I just have sneakers. ; n ;
 Who are your favorite bands or singers?
Muse and shiny toy guns. it's hard to choose favs when it comes to music because my the music i listen to is so eclectic. and i might like a couple of songs from one artist which is why i won't necessarily think of them as a fav artist.
What's your favorite bag or backpack?
This hello kitty backpack. It's red, which is my fav color. I also love the hello kitty pattern on it. I love patterns.

What's your favorite movie?
I don't just have one. Um labyrinth, juno, howl's moving castle, shutter (the thai version), hair spray (1988 version), and a lot more.
Do you have a lot of friends or just a few?
I feel like I have a few friends and many acquaintances.
 Have you ever felt sad about material stuff?
Yes. Like all the stuff I wish I had. I also get emotional over my laptop even the old one I don't use any more. I even named them. My current one's name is bay. My last laptop was named bruce. 

oops didn't tag anyone. e w e i have no one to really tag. the people i would tag have already been tagged. sorry. ; u ;


  1. WE HAVE THE SAME BED SHEETS LOL except mines are heart shaped but ; u ;

    ugh your beaarrr so cute ; 3; and I love your backpack, all your stuff is just so bright and so cute, it totally matches how I imagine you dress : D /creepy
    your #4 is totally me sigh
    jealous of your freckles! I want freckles - A -

    1. oh wow, heart shaped! i want them sheets!
      and thank you. i love bright colors and cute things. i think that's why my art is the way it is. bright and cute. and i only have a little bit of freckles. = w = my brother has more and i'm totally jealous of his.