Apr 17, 2012

editorial illustration

one of the classes i'm taking this quarter is editorial illustration. i was kind of intimidated by editorial illustration. it seemed so serious and required me to think outside the box. but after doing my first illustration for the class i felt better about everything.
for our first assignment we had to pick an article about going green. the article i chose was about a school that incorporated the environment into their curriculum. they even taught classes outside. so after i showed the class my thumbnails they gave me more ideas and suggestions. i took their suggestions and ended up going with a student at a desk. and in the desk was soil and sprouting plants. (i know my desk is wonky, but i think it works) and there's trees in the background.

i learned a lot doing this project. i learned how to make brushes and how to use textures i create with traditional media and turn them into brushes and textures i could use in my illustrations. and i'm so glad i learned this. i think this is a way i could make my cute illustrations more sophisticated. i also learned that i need to work on my palettes more. i mean sometimes i get and sometimes my palette is all over the place. but i'll get better.


  1. I really like this, the color palette is good and the I definitely got the "green" feeling upon first glance.
    What I have to say I enjoy most is always how your illustrations have that 3D-popping-out-at-you kind of effect with the contrasting line art and all.

    Do they make you mount these and all for your class? I'd looove to be able to see it in person *__*
    I think you should definitely make a sort of mini art-zine/book thing when you're done with your assignments, I'd be all over that like crazy <3

    1. thank you so much!

      yes, if we're doing something digital or if the end product is a print we have to mount it. we usually mount it on matte black board.

      and i would love to make a mini art-zine/book. i was thinking of getting some perfect bound books made with work from my portfolio in it.