Apr 23, 2011

scad life and update

this quarter i'm taking intro to printmaking, drawing & design for illustrators, and 20th century art history. i am really enjoying printmaking. but i think i like the product better than the process. the process is very time consuming and i have classmates to share the equipment with...so it can be hard. i'll be uploading some art from that class soon. so far i have an A in that class. i think eventually i'll take seriography/screen printing. some people even do their comics using seriography/screen printing. so i think that's what i want to do once i learn those skills. my drawing & design for illustrators class is ok. i don't know how i'm doing in there since my professor has not posted our grades. i hate waiting for my grades to be posted. and 20th century art history is very painful. i don't know why...i think it's because i'm in a class full of babies. i mean they complain about everything and they ask the dumbest questions. it's very irritating. but i'll survive.

i think i'm going to flee here for a while, like take a break from tumblr. the only thing that keeps me going on tumblr is that it's easier to network on there. like i get more exposure on there than on here. but it gets really painful when people i like start posting shit i don't like. i think i may do a comic or a group of illustrations expressing how i feel about tumblr sometimes.  i should try to do this some time soon.


  1. I think I'm finally going to a university next term, so I might be taking some of the classes you're talking about! *EXCITED* I did a little printmaking in high school. Are you doing the kind with linoleum blocks, rollers, and ink? That's all I did, and it was so PAINFUL. Good luck in your classes! I'm sure you'll get A's in all of them!

    You mean when people post post both their art and reblogs on the same blog? Whenever I come across a blog like that that I like I just add it to my favorites and check it occasionally instead of following it. That way it won't overkill my dashboard. Do it! Do it!

  2. my first assignment was monotype which is mainly ink and rollers. and and my second assingment is linoleum cut which is working with linoleum, rollers, and ink. so since you worked with that before, you share my pain. i stabbed my thumb twice. but i have survived the linoleum cut war...so far. i have to do one more linoleum cut in color (my first one was in black and white). and it sounds really complicated. i'm not looking forward to do it it.

    and i do that too. i have a lot of blogs in a "tumblr" folder in my bookmarks. but it seems that i'm going to have to unfollow people and add more of them to my bookmarks.

    i just really need to figure out where i'm going to be posting...because i don't like posting in more than one place. i don't know why, it just bothers me. so i'm going to have to figure out if i want to post primarily on here or on tumblr. and just work with one. i wish i wasn't like this, but that's the way i am. it's so bad, that i don't think i'm going to have a website and a blog. i'll just turn my blog into a website. like instead of having "kiakakes.blogspot.com" it will be "kiakakes.com" or something. because i don't think i can handle having both a website and blog. they have to be one. e A e why am i so weird and complicated...i feel like i went off in a tangent...probably did. sorry.

  3. OH GOD. THOSE. I hated linoleum block printing so much. I never got cut (And I'm sorry you did! I hope it's healing okay.), but getting the ink on even enough and lining everything up for the second printing was the biggest pain. I'm sure you'll do fine though! C-:

    Well, I guess it depends on what you prefer: exposure or feedback. Tumblr's the kind of place where you can post something and forget about it, but on blogger it's possible to hold on conversation on a post, like we're doing now.

    That's cool. I know a ton of artists who use blogger as their website.

  4. and i have no problem with registration (lining everything up) because my professor showed us how. he even taught us a way to cheat for the colored linoleum prints we're going to do. i'm more worried about carving the right amount according to the layer of color, since we have to have at least 3 colors.

    i could get both on tumblr. there's a way to add a comment option to your blog. i believe through disqus. like i've seen some tumblr bloggers have it on their blog so people can comment. but i didn't feel like figuring it out. but i'm probably going to make my decision based on visuals. like which ever blog looks better. i'm a big visual person. i know that's a stupid reason to choose where i want to post. but that's how i roll...i guess.