Apr 24, 2011

monotype prints

our first assignment was to make 5 monotype prints. they could all be different. my professor just wanted us to play around and get use to the printmaking lab and all the equipment. we made stencils. we played around with different combinations of images and our stensils. i guess this print was about how i like cityscapes, but i don't really like being in the city. i'll be posting the rest of my prints one day at a time.
i used a stencil for the bg and cat, even though it's not perfect. and i painted the buildings directly on the plexiglass. used some pieces of chip board to make the windows and stuff.
different combination of elements. like i changed the colors and the bg.
i wanted to do a cool (temperature wise) to contrast with the other ones. so i did this one. again with the cityscape. and i used a stencil for the bg to get the clouds. i painted the raindrops and swirls on the clouds directly on the plexiglass.
used the stencil for the clouds again. and painted the rain drops on. i can't explain how i did the texture on the clouds...well i'll try to explain. i put the paper directly on top of ink and scratch the back of the paper with the end of a paintbrush. i just wish i could have straighten this up a little. i mean sometime it's not good to have everything centered in a composition, but i think this need to be a little more centered. but that's just me.

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